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Perfect linen requires correct washing posture

Linen fabric is refined from flax plant fiber. It has many excellent characteristics and integrates well with other fabrics. There are some details that need special attention during the washing process. In this issue, Xinshen·Linen Fabric Dreamer brings The correct posture of washing linen clothes allows you to enjoy the lazy comfort of linen for a long time.

❀Linen fabrics are more resistant to dirt than other textiles and will look like new every time if washed thoroughly. Linen is very flexible and gets softer with washing, so you only need to wash it regularly and use it as much as you like on other days.

❀Separate dark, colored linens from light, white linens before washing.

❀ Before washing, you can use detergent to remove visible stains from linen, but avoid using bleach, as it can damage the linen fibers and cause fading problems on dyed linens.

It's also worth noting that the bleach particles in regular laundry detergents can discolor natural linen.

❀Precious linen clothes should be washed in cold water with special detergent. Make sure the detergent is fully dissolved in the water, otherwise it may leave brown stains on light-colored linens.

❀Linen clothes do not need to be pre-washed and soaked, but if the linen is washed for the first time, it can be soaked in warm water before washing to avoid wrinkling.

Linen fabrics should be washed separately from other fabrics in the first wash, because natural fibers tend to "fall down" and stick to other clothes.

❀ When linen clothes are washed, it is necessary to acidify them. The advantage of too acid is that it can make the color of linen clothes more fixed. How to be too acidic? Add 5% white vinegar to the water, put the linen clothes in, and soak for 2 minutes.


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